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NXT Redux (June 19th, 2014): Bliss Beats Banks Amidst BFF Bedlam

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. Following on from a backstage segment that about 6 people saw due to some dodgy editing in most countries (why have WWE not realised this?!), we have a match set up for this week. The glittery and gleeful Alexa Bliss is hoping to make a name for herself in her third NXT outing. Her opponent? The sassy and bossy Sasha Banks. With her fellow BFFs Summer Rae and the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte in her corner, can Sasha impress them or will she get distracted by dissension?


The BFFs make their way to the ring first and yet again, they are not happy campers! Extra Bliss.. I mean Alexa Bliss follows afterwards and as much as she is cute and the glitter blow thing is cool, I can’t help but feel the entrance is a little too OTT now I’ve seen it numerous times.

The match starts out with Sasha shoving Alexa in the face, mocking her antics in the process. Sasha continues to be on the offensive, locking in a side headlock before shoulder tackling Alexa to the ground. After some leapfrogging and rolling around, Alexa hits a wheelbarrow armdrag on Sasha and then she initiates the same tornado roll-up she beat Alicia Fox with. Sadly for Alexa, Sasha Banks is not Alicia Fox.

Alexa hits a dropkick and monkey flip before the pair have a little miscommunication. The commentators cover it well yet a movement so awkward would not be part of the plan between two flashy competitors like these two. Alexa hits Sasha with some forearms before a headscissor attempt goes pear-shaped when Sasha reverses it into a backbreaker.

Sasha mocks Alexa before executing a really nice surfboard, that Alexa is trapped in for a long time. After that, Sasha generically beats down Alexa, distracted by Charlotte and Summer getting in each other’s face. Sasha spends too much time trying to sort out her ‘friends’ and Alexa rolls her up for the win. Two wins, one less so far for Aleca – not bad going!

After the match, the apparent closer relationship between Sasha and Charlotte is clearly not that lovey-dovey and they push each other and Summer. A highlight from the altercation was definitely Summer’s bitchslap on Charlotte – DAYUM!

Thoughts: These two show a lot of promise yet this match left a little to be desired. Sasha is clearly not yet in the position to carry someone who is of worse skill than her and this match showed. Although impressive, the surfboard lasted most of the match and felt a little too long, even if it was nicely executed. Alexa was quite sloppy yet she definitely has TONS of potential.

The aftermath was way more interesting than the match and I’m so intrigued to see how the potential BFF break-up will pan out. Sasha’s allegiance will prove interesting as obviously, she was with Summer originally yet has been with Charlotte more recently. Will she need to pick a side or will all three go their separate ways?

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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