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NXT Redux (November 16th, 2016): Teaming up and striking back

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Welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! For several weeks now Billie Kay and Peyton Royce have been running roughshod over the women’s division, targeting Liv Morgan and putting all the girls on notice.

Liv gets a chance at revenge as she goes up against Peyton. Let’s watch!

The match starts off frantically with both women swinging at each other. Peyton quickly gains control of the match with fierce strikes, knees, and a headbutt. She ties Liv up in the ropes with a creative submission.

Liv mounts a comeback with strikes and manages to distance herself from Peyton. She clotheslines Peyton twice, dropkicks her, and plants her with a bulldog.

She slams Peyton down and knocks an interfering Billie off the apron. She then locks in a modified guillotine choke. Before Peyton can tap or reverse it, Billie comes charging in and the match ends on a DQ. Both girls begin fighting each other. It’s not long before Aliyah shows up to even the score but both her and Liv are no match for the two Aussies.

Ember Moon‘s music hits and she comes out to make the save. She takes Billie and Peyton out with a diving crossbody and teams up with Liv, hitting stereo dropkicks on the Iconic Duo. They kick Peyton and Billie out of the ring, standing tall.

Later on, an NXT interviewer stands by with Aliyah, Ember and Liv. She asks them what brought them together.

Aliyah says what brought them together was the ignorance that Billie and Peyton run the division. Ember says she couldn’t let their fire die so she decided to help them. Liv calls Peyton a Poison Ivy wannabe and tells her and Billie to muscle up and find a third member for their team. She challenges them to a future bout.

NXT also highlighted the women’s title match set for this Saturday.

Thoughts: Peyton and Billie continue to impress me. Everything that Peyton does is so vicious and smooth. I enjoyed the match and the subsequent beat down after that brought all the faces together.

However, I’m hoping this isn’t the end and both the Aussies stand tall. The division needs strong characters right now and NXT is still floundering in this area.

I’ll start with Liv. She still needs a lot of work. I really appreciated her tenacity to try new and different things in the ring but her character is still missing something. I didn’t really like her promo either. Who’s writing this?

I also still don’t know too much about Aliyah, even though I believe she’s crisp and creative in the ring, and Ember continues to be our warrior. NXT needs to dedicate more time to the women’s division. Tell us more. We all know this story, the heels say this is their turf and they run off the baby faces. In the end the faces will prevail but, I still don’t know enough about them, outside of Ember, to actually care.

I was also hoping that this trios tag match would be made for TakeOver. There’s still some time but it honestly shouldn’t be slated for the event because all these characters need improvements. In all likelihood Mandy Rose is probably the woman to join the Aussies but there are a few women that could make their debut as a wild card heel.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if it was Mandy either. For someone who has had only a year or so of experience, she’s coming along nicely as the “Golden Goddess” of NXT. Her character of a vapid woman who is full of herself but can back all her threats up in the ring is something they can greatly expand upon.

In the build for TakeOver it’s also a shame they didn’t do too much outside of a video package and interview with Mickie James for her match against Asuka. All these ladies deserve more and for what NXT does, builds new superstars, there’s a big disconnect right now.

NXT TakeOver: Toronto takes place this Saturday November 19 at 8 pm ET on the WWE Network.

What did you think of last night’s NXT? Do you think Mickie with stop Asuka’s reign? Who do you think will join Peyton and Billie? Sound off in the comments below.

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