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NXT Redux (October 4th, 2017): Bon Voyage

Hola NXT fans and welcome to this week’s (delayed, sorry!) NXT Redux! This week, we are treated to not one but TWO matches from the NXT Women’s division. Lucky us! The ongoing saga between Ruby Riot and the Iconic Duo continues as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce have challenged Riot to a rematch from a few weeks ago. Will Nikki Cross reappear to stand alongside Riot? Elsewhere, the inaugural Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane makes her NXT debut in a match-up against Aliyah.

We kick off our show with our scheduled rematch contest. As with last time, Ruby Riot is out first riding solo while the Iconic Duo are styling and profiling through their entrance. Let’s call this a handicap match for now.

The bell sounds off and the NXT Universe are quick to cheer on for Riot much to Kay’s distaste. Kay starts things off with a Fireman Carry takedown to Riot and into an armbar. Riot gets to her fight and shakes free from Kay’s grip. Riot hits a dropkick which leads to Royce asking for a tag. Riot quickly rolls Peyton up for a two count. She adds an arm drag and body slam as Kay rants from the ring apron.

Riot knocks her off with a forearm and springboards from the second rope for a senton splash onto Royce. Riot earns a two count. Peyton tackles Riot to a corner where a tag is made. Kay goes for a clothesline but Riot manages to reverse this into a crucifix pin for a two count. The women meet at the opposite turnbuckle where Riot goes for her signature Deadly Nightshade but instead gets dropped face first onto the mat by Kay.

Riot is dragged back to the Iconic Duo’s corner, where she is kicked by Kay while Royce adds in the insults. Another tag is made and Royce begins to mock Riot by tossing her to a corner and asking her to make a tag to her non existent partner. Peyton makes the tag and the Iconic Duo continue to play on the numbers game with a double front suplex to Riot for the two count. A frustrated Kay begins to argue with the referee.

As the double team attacks continue, here comes Nikki Cross! Peyton spots this and begins to wear Riot down with a grounded headlock. Riot gets to her feet and breaks free of Peyton’s hold. A double running face crusher lays out both women, setting up for a hot tag scenario!

Despite some hesitation, Riot makes a tag to Cross who unleashes a fury of right forearms, a running cross body and a reverse DDT. Cross goes for the cover but Royce is able to make the save. The Iconic Duo take Cross to their corner where a tag is made leading to a seeing Peyton drive Cross face first to Kay’s knee.

Riot finds her way back to the match by tripping Royce when she runs the ropes and pulling her to the outside ring. Back in the ring, Cross rolls Kay up into a pin for a near three count. Cross then climbs on Kay’s back and maneuvers her to Riot’s corner where a tag is made. Riot climbs the top rope of a turnbuckle and a double dropkick takes down the Iconic Duo! A Pele Kick lays out Kay and the team of Riot and Cross are victorious once again!

Busy business woman Zelina Vega is also spotted this week as NXT cameras to get her thoughts on NXT GM William Regal granting Johnny Gargano a rematch against her associate Andrade Almas. She says that Gargano is still being haunted by the breakup from his former tag team partner Tommaso Ciampa. She says Almas won their previous bout fair and square. They have no problem giving Gargano his rematch as each passing victory against NXT’s Golden Boy will only get them closer to the NXT Championship.

When asked how she would feel if Alam lost this match, Vega brushed the question off and says they helped make Gargano “relevant” again by sharing the same ring with him at TakeOver: Brooklyn. Do your thing Señorita Vega.

And finally, we move on to the NXT debut of Kairi Sane:

The Pirate Princess is welcomed to warm ovation as she salutes the crown in down right adorable fashion! How can you not love Karia Sane!? In the ring, we spy Sane’s opponent Aliyah already warming up for this match. Damn… not even an entrance for Aliyah?

The women tie-up, trading sequences until Sane hits a back elbow shot into a headlock. Aliyah sends Sane to the ropes to create some separation but gets taken down with a running forearm for a one count. Sane whips Aliyah to a corner but misses an oncoming attack. Aliyah earns a one count of her own after landing a back breaker.

Aliyah stays in control with kicks to the back. She runs the ropes, connecting a rolling snap neck breaker that earns a two count. Aliyah works in a pendulum back breaker following by a bow and over over the knee. Sane fights through with a knee shot to Aliyah’s head and manages to find an opening to land a spear for a two count.

Sane follows up with chops to the chest to a corner and topping it off with a sliding forearm. The NXT Universe pops as Sane climbs the top rope to set up for her world famous Elbow Drop. She lands and is victorious.

After her NXT TV debut match, Sane says she is so happy to be a part of the NXT roster and promises to become the next NXT Women’s Champion come NXT TakeOver: Houston.

It is also announced that next week’s episode of NXT will host a Triple Threat match featuring Liv Morgan, Nikki Cross, and Peyton Royce in a qualifying match for the NXT Women’s Championship.

In interview, Liv Morgan says she is ready to make the most of the opportunity presented to her next week.

Thoughts: The Women’s Tag Team match was pretty much a repeat from the tag match two weeks ago. The Iconic Duo playing into the numbers game over Riot until Cross’ appearance to even out the playing field. These four women have truly been the ones to help keep things interesting as sort of the ‘mid-carders’ outside the NXT Women’s Title picture. As fun as the match was, there are still some questions that are left unanswered.

What was Cross’ reasoning to helping Riot, who has gone on record to say that Cross isn’t even considered a friend to her. There’s an ongoing story brewing here but with Cross in next week’s qualifying match, it would be appear that her unspoken friendship with Riot will take a seat in the back burner for the time being.

The Kairi/Aliyah match was short and sweet, which is pretty much a format when introducing a new name to NXT audience. Even through her entrance, you can just feel that Sane is being polished to become NXT’s newest and biggest babyface! Credit to Aliyah for helping make the match feel more even out versus a match that could’ve felt like a squash.

I’m looking forward to these upcoming qualifying NXT Women’s Championship matches. It’s sort of a reset button for the NXT Women’s Division post Asuka Era. We want to make these matches feel important up until the big show at Houston and with some plenty of time until then, there will be plenty to look forward to.

What did you think of this week’s episode of NXT? Are you enjoying the on and off relationship between Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot? Looking forward to the upcoming NXT Women’s Championship qualifying match? Let us know in the comments below!

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