Ahead of WWE 2K18’s release this month, 2K Games released more in-depth details about this year’s game.

With approval from 2K, several YouTuber’s are featuring Superstar entrances. All women’s entrances, except for DLC characters Beth Pheonix and Ruby Riot, have now been released and can be seen below courtesy of DenkOps – Chris Denker:

Additionally, YouTuber The Revelleution has a peak at new Create-a-Wrestler items for women including hairstyles, gear, makeup, and more:

According to IGN, this year’s CAW suite will include:

  • A variety of face templates that represent different races and ethnicities, that you can use as is, or modify to your liking.
  • New Body Types customization to shape the ideal body type to your Superstars.
  •  Hair style flair
  • The ability to place Scars around all over the body.
  • Fully customizable teeth
  • New Material Types such as Carbon Fiber, Glitter, Glow and Black Light.
  • The “infamous” issue with the edges of a design/logo fading out when being stretched, has finally been addressed in WWE 2K18, with a new Logo Mapping method, that allows you to fully wrap the logo around the part.
  • The Stitch Pattern feature from last year has been improved and redesigned, now allowing you to draw the patterns first, apply them and resize them, as well as save them to be re-used on any other Superstar.
  • To go along with the new Lighting System in WWE 2K18, in the Create A Superstar Menu, there is now the ability to preview the different lighting scenarios throughout the game, with options for Backstage, Match Lighting, Day Light, Black Light and Lights Off.
  • The Lighting Preview comes really handy when applying and previewing the Glow and Black Light material, for easier control on how intense you want these effects to be. And you are not limited to just Attires and Clothes. You can also apply these effects to Tattoos, Body Art, and hair as well. And when you combine this with Create An Entrance, you can really create some interesting looks that really help your superstar stand out ala Chris Jericho’s jacket or Naomi‘s GLOW entrance.
  • You will now have more control on the Menu Pose as well. Not only you can choose which pose you want for the body, but hands pose and face expressions can also be individually customized, to give your Superstar a more distinct look. In addition, it’s now also possible to choose the Entrance Attire as a Menu Screen Pose.

2K Games also revealed character rankings for some Superstars:

Missing from the announcement are rankings for Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Ember Moon, Stephanie McMahon, Lita, Ivory, Jacqueline, Trish Stratus, Tamina, Nikki Cross, Summer Rae, Paige, Brie Bella, and Alundra Blayze, along with DLC Characters Beth Phoenix and Ruby Riot.

Other new game modes include create-a-match mode, a Road to Glory mode (akin to My Career but it still doesn’t allow you to play as a female Superstar), WWE Universe mode, and more.

WWE 2K18 will be in stores on October 17, 2017.

What do you think about this preview of the game? Will you be buying it? Who will you play as? Who will you be creating? Sound off in the comments below.