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NXT Redux (September 25th, 2013): Sasha & Summer Bring the Fierce, Bayley & Emma Bring the Fight

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! It feels like an eternity since I was last here covering NXT, yet it has in fact only been two weeks. WWE decided to be scoundrels last week and rob us of any Divas sightings whatsoever yet this week, things are back to normal as we get a match and a backstage segment. I think I have the flu and feel pretty rancid today, so proceedings will be slightly shorter than normal. Messages of support on Twitter would be greatly supported… for my ego that is; it’s nice to know I’ve been missed by you all. Any wives tale style remedies would also be appreciated for the flu I have! Speaking on appreciation, I appreciated the storyline progression we got this week on NXT. The newly heel Sasha Banks, with Summer Rae by her side, faced off against Bayley, who is coming off her first every victory over Aksana. Oh Aksana, the irrelevance. Will Bayley start a winning streak or will the newly sassy Sasha get her first victory in donkey’s years (a British idiom meaning a long time – you even learn things in my Reduxes too!)? TO THE VIDEO!

Thoughts: First note, Kendall Skye. In my opinion, this is by far the best she has sounded on the microphone. She’s definitely doing well in the role of ring announcer, and to be quite honest, after seeing her leaked performance skills promo, I hope she sticks to announcing the competitors!

Onto the match, it was basic yet it was very solid. I really like how Sasha has kept her high-flying moves such as her top rope arm drag now that she is a heel. Flashy moves can work as a heel when the heel is incredibly cocky, and judging by her new moniker of ‘The Boss’, she’s got cockiness in abundance.

Bayley also performed well and I’m loving her Hugplex. I would like to see her win again soon and debut a finisher as I don’t think a belly to belly suplex is strong enough to be one, and considering Sasha kicked out of it in this match, WWE don’t think so either. I’ve really warmed to Bayley’s character and she ran with the proverbial ball once again this week!

The Sasha/Summer feud with Emma is also pretty decent and I’m happy that since Summer has paired with Sasha, WWE haven’t just dropped Summer’s feud with Emma. Emma was left blind or whatever in recent weeks, so it’s good to see that she’s still not afraid to get revenge, even though Sasha is now by Summer’s side. Another thing I like about the Summer and Sasha pairing is that although people see Summer as the leader as she’s more experience, Summer isn’t presenting it that way. Summer is the ‘First Lady of NXT’ and she’s got ‘The Boss’ by her side. Both women are on a level playing field in terms of identity, and I love that. It’s refreshing to see a tandem with no hierarchy. I honestly can’t even remember the spoilers for past next week’s Mixed Tag, so I’m excited to see how this pairing and their feud with Emma and eventually Paige will develop.

Finally, HOLY RENEE YOUNG! WWE, just because females are of a different gender to men, don’t just put Renee on the commentary team for the Divas matches – stick her on the desk full-time! Renee was confident, fresh and her commentary definitely helped put over the wrestlers. I did laugh a little at her quasi-rage over Summer snapping Bayley’s hair band though. “You don’t mess with a girl’s hair products!” Slightly over the top and silly, yet it made me laugh!

Overall, a solid night in the Full Sail Arena. I can already feel vomit coming up from the thought of what is to transpire next week (not just my flu!) yet hopefully, it won’t be as cringeworthy as the spoilers were on paper. I’ll give you a clue. There’s a snake on the loose next week.. and it’s not the Viper. Yeah you know, the other one. The more annoying one. I’ll leave it there! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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