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NXT Redux (September 4th, 2013): Sasha’s Seeds of Doubt Begin to Sprout as Bayley Blossoms With Her First Win

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s slightly more succinct version of the NXT Redux. In action this week, Bayley and Charlotte team up to face the main roster duo of Aksana and Alicia Fox whilst Summer Rae gets into the head of Sasha Banks backstage. The NXT Gods have also rewarded me as we get a backstage interview with the one and only NXT Women’s Champion Paige!

I’ll just be giving my thoughts this week, yet don’t fret, the NXT Redux will be supersized once again next week. Without further ado, TO THE VIDEO!

Timing instructions (because I’m so helpful!): The Bayley/Charlotte match starts the show, Sasha and Summer’s backstage segment starts at 24:15 and Paige’s interview with the Pony Queen, Renee Young starts at 27:37. To quote Damien Sandow, you’re welcome!

Thoughts: I’ll first give my thoughts on the Divas tag team match. Aksana, Aksana, Aksana. Unless this girl is willing to dye her hair blonde and bring back ‘The Aksana Show’, I’m afraid I’m just not interested. Her in-ring work is fine but that’s it. It’s just fine. She never even comes close to blowing me away and I am sick to the back teeth of that crawl thing she does. I don’t get it at all. It’s not funny or sexy, it’s just really, really weird. And I didn’t like her new attire at all. It was grey that seemed to shine in a metallic red color and it left me thinking my contact lenses weren’t in properly. Rant over.

The match itself was basic and that’s all I can really say on it in terms of the moves. Alicia pounded Bayley’s head in the corner like she does every match and to be quite honest, Alicia needs to pick it up. She’s barely on TV as it is and she needs to make sure that she is making each appearance stand out. At the moment, they’re all blending together for me. When you’re not given much time, it’s hard to be able to do something inventive and unique, yet please try Alicia. Everyone is rooting for you and everyone is still bummed by the fact there wasn’t an eighth position on Total Divas. It would have been yours for sure. And yes, Tamina, I’m not lying.

WWE clearly don’t have anything for Charlotte to do right now, hence why she was a secondary role in this match. I thought it was fresh for her to not be in the match at all until the end and her offense made her look strong, but then Bayley tagged herself back in and regained the spotlight. Bayley finally get her first win was cool, and although the pin was really sloppy, I liked it. It made the pinfall look more realistic. Bayley was desperate to get the win and the desperation came across for me. Or maybe I’m just BS-ing to make it seem like they planned to look like that. You decide! The tension between Bayley and Charlotte over Bayley’s blind tag made me hope that Charlotte may be in store for a heel turn, but then Charlotte more or less forgot about it and embraced Bayley’s hugging in the celebration. Shame.

Oh and Charlotte. I’m not a fan of the Oreo dip dye you have going on. You’re better than looking like a biscuit.

Sasha and Summer’s backstage segment was really nice and once again, completely unexpected. I didn’t think we would see Summer again this week if Sasha and Paige’s match was teased, yet I’m glad we did. First off, Summer looked amazing. Secondly, both girls performed solidly. It wasn’t as good as last week’s segment, yet storyline progression is storyline progression. I can’t complain with WWE putting the effort in.

Then, we got the line of the night. No, scratch that. THE LINE OF THE CENTURY.

“I’m not here to be a cover girl. I’m here to cover girls in the middle of that ring.. and win.”

Talk about a mouth-watering play on words! Paige is no Meryl Streep, yet I still really enjoyed her performance.

I’m really looking forward to next week. Fireworks are teased for Paige vs Sasha and the question is, whose face will they blow up in? And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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