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NXT TakeOver 36 Preview & Predictions: 08.22.21

The 36th NXT TakeOver takes place tonight and offers up a championship grudge match that promises to be a standout affair.

The NXT Women’s Championship is on the line between Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai.

Credit: WWE

The build to this match has been very good although a tad rushed. It would have been nice to see a growing animosity between the two over a few weeks before Kai commenced her attack. However, the sneak attack by Kai was executed perfectly and they have yet to touch since.

The following week Kai explained her actions in an excellent video package, claiming that Gonzalez stole the championship opportunity from her. Kai stated that once Gonzalez won the title she became Raquel’s sidekick and she is no one’s sidekick.

On the go-home edition of NXT, the splendid storytelling remained in a split-screen interview. It worked brilliantly in getting their past and current situation over, adding further hype to the match.


John: Really looking forward to this match and obviously Gonzalez is the favourite due to size and power. But, Dakota Kai is an incredible talent and her heel work over the past year or so has been great. She deserves the title and tonight is the night she gets it. I fully expect to see Big Mami Cool end up on the main roster sooner than later and this would be the perfect to leave. Dakota takes the win and the title.

Nick: I can see this one go either way. The right choice I believe is for Dakota to win for many reasons including her hard work at putting so many others over including Raquel. However, I am going to say Raquel is going to retain.

Check back in with Diva Dirt with a Discussion Post on TakeOver later today.

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