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NXT Watch (September 20th, 2012): Can Alicia Fox Stop Paige’s Win Streak?

Greetings all, and apologies for the lateness with the NXT watch this week. I was ready to write it Thursday night, but my Internet connection had other plans and decided to leave me high and dry. Never fear though, for I am back and ready to recap. This week, we see Divas action once more on the black roped show, as Alicia Fox battles perhaps the most talked about Diva on the entire show, Paige, in singles action.

Alicia Fox stands in the ring already, as Paige makes her grand entrance from the back. Once inside the ring to some monster “Paige” chants, the bell sounds and this match gets underway. They lock up, as Fox scores with a takedown. Paige reverts into one of her own, as the fans get behind this black haired Brit. Alicia with a waist lock, before Paige counters and gets a roll up for a two. Paige then executes a nice backslide, followed up with a small package, and then a flip roll up — all for two counts. Both women get back up, but Paige shrieks at Alicia and amazingly makes the Fox fall back in fear. They then exchange slaps, as Paige scores with some sick shots. Never one to be outdone, Alicia drills Paige with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, as the Fox takes control of this match.

The crowd gets firmly behind Paige, which motivates her to fight back… or try to until her injured back begins to cause problems. Alicia with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count, and the fans continues their rabid support of Paige! Fox locks in a grueling submission, but Paige finally manages to fight back after some slams to the canvas, taunting, and a bow and arrow submission! She flips out of it and kicks Alicia in the jaw, before flipping her over using both feet… although Alicia lands on her own two feet! (Trust me it looks much better than my poor, awkward description presents it as.) Paige kips up and decks Alicia in the jaw with some shots, before making her big come back! Alicia looks to have stopped it though, with an elbow to the jaw. She stands over a downed Paige, but the Anti-Diva rolls through into her kickass “RamPaige” finisher for the victory!

Thoughts: I absolutely loved this match. In fact I would say it’s one of my favorite Diva bouts we’ve seen in the past year, mostly due to not only how good it was (because a lot of the matches the Divas have on Superstars are just as good), but because it was fresh. It was something we’ve never seen before, and that made me more excited for it than I am seeing a match on Superstars that we’ve seen five times already. There was a certain spark to me because of how unique it was seeing Paige face a main roster Diva, and I love it. She has got the crowd in the palm of her hand, and dare I say, she’s become one of the top stars in the entire developmental system, surpassing a lot of the male roster in the process. I think everything about Paige is unique, and that’s why people gravitate towards her. Nobody wants all of the same type of Diva or Superstar, and Paige is definitely far from anyone else on the roster. Not only in her look, but her style… promos… everything. I’m so excited to see what she’s going to do on the main roster when the time comes, especially considering how good she is at only twenty years old. If this is any indication of how she will perform with the Divas on the main roster, then the future looks great match wise.

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