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Oh, Maria… Just No

Has anyone else noticed that WWE tries to make Maria out to be the epitome of fashionable? Calling her RAW’s “resident style queen” and such, when any woman – hell make that man, woman or child – alive knows that she dresses tacky as hell. Well has really outdone themselves in the latest edition of Diva Dish:

Shopping adventures
The Divas are well-known for always being at the height of fashion, and many of them took the little free time they had in Europe to shop ’til they dropped. Naturally, Diva Dish talked to Raw’s fashion plate, Maria, first.

“I love the clothes over here because they are so different than they are in the United States. They’re cut better. I think over here there’s a lot more pattern and print then there is in the States, and plus, they get everything over here first,” Maria said of her shopping trip in Nottingham, England.

“Unless you’re in New York, you might get fashion about the same time, but New York style is completely different,” she continued. “So it’s always fun to come to Europe and do a little bit of shopping.”

You had me, Maria, you had me all up until “Nottingham.” What the frig?! I mean, am I missing something here? Not Bond Street, not Oxford Circus… but Nottingham. Damn, I hope I’m not missing on some fashionable delights… in Nottingham. Then again, given Maria’s personal taste of fishnets and leopard prints, I’m probably not.

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