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OVW Saturday Night Special Results: Lei’D Tapa vs. Hannah Blossom for the Women’s Title

Saturday night in Louisville, Kentucky, OVW put on its October Saturday Night Special, which featured an OVW Women’s Title match between champ Hannah Blossom and Lei’D Tapa.

The show will be available on OVW on Demand. Results below, courtesy of OVWMania:

* Michael Titus is in the ring for the finals of the “Miss OVW” contest. He brings out Lovely Lylah, and then Ray Lynn. As Holly Blossom makes her entrance, she is attacked from behind by Lei’D Tapa. Hannah runs out to check on Holly, and Tapa says that was a message. Tonight, it’s her ring, her island, and Hannah will bow down!

* OVW WOMEN’S TITLE: Lei’D Tapa vs. Hannah Blossom (c)
Hannah comes out swinging, angry at what she did to Holly. Tapa keeps knocking her away, but Hannah keeps coming back. Hannah locks in an arm submission twice, but Tapa flings her down and starts stomping away on her. Holly runs out and gets between them, but Hannah shoves her away and Holly says she doesn’t want to see her get hurt anymore. Holly gets out and Hannah turns into the big boot from Tapa for the 3.
Winner and new OVW Women’s Champion: Lei’D Tapa

That makes for a short reign for Hannah Blossom, as this was her very first defense of the title.

Are you happy about Lei’D Tapa’s win?

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