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Paige arrested after Money in the Bank pay-per-view?

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Was WWE Superstar Paige arrested after last night’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view?

Wrestling News Source has obtained images of Paige being taken away in a police van by a police officer, which can be seen below.

The report states that Paige was taken into police custody following a domestic dispute with her rumored boyfriend Alberto Del Rio. Their relationship has been disputed from the very get-go, due to the fact Alberto is still married. This next twist in their relationship adds fuel to the fire that this relationship is simply for Total Divas storyline purposes and the pair are not a real-life couple.

Should a “domestic dispute” be the reason and this incident not be for a work, WWE would likely suspend Paige – real name Saraya Bevis – following the IRL arrest of WWE SmackDown announcer Jerry Lawler just a few days ago. If Paige isn’t suspended, we’ll know that this scene was simply for the reality TV cameras.

Further evidence that this is indeed all for E! programming is the reaction of Paige’s mother on Twitter, former SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight. She responded to a fan:

Knight also said that she “has no clue” about the moments captured in the pictures that were circulated, but she seems adamant that her daughter is doing fine, retweeting a fan who says that Paige is already at the site on tonight’s Monday Night Raw.

Let’s hope that this is in fact a work, and “Paige’s house” doesn’t involve wearing orange jumpsuits with bars covering the windows.

What are your thoughts on this alleged arrest? Is Paige and Alberto’s relationship totally fake? We would love to hear your opinion below.

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