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Perfect 10: May 26th – June 7th

Welcome to a super, SUPER late edition of The Perfect 10! I was having difficulty uploading this for the past few days, but better late than never, huh?

Obviously, we’ve adopted a new format; I’m still providing audio commentary, but now we have visuals to go along with the countdown. In the future, I’ll incorporate more actual video, but for now, enjoy the lovely photos of our Divas and Knockouts! Just play the embedded video below to see this week’s list:

» Full list in text format after the cut:

The Perfect 10: May 26th – June 7th, 2008
10. Michelle McCool (last week: 2)
09. Mickie James (N/A)
08. Awesome Kong (6)
07. The Beautiful People (3)
06. Mickie Knuckles – now known as Moose (N/A)
05. ODB (9)
04. Katie Lea (4)
03. Beth Phoenix (5)
02. Natalya (N/A)
01. Melina (1)

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