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PPV Predictions: TNA Lockdown 2011

The Diva Dirt team weigh in on tonight’s Lockdown pay per view:

April: To say that this feud between Mickie and Madison has gone on for a lifetime seems like an understatement. It finally came down to Madison running Mickie over for her to finally get some serious kick behind her anger, pushing things into overdrive. For this bout, I’m going to have to choose Mickie James for the win. I think it is time for her to finally get one over on Madison Rayne and take home the gold. Madison is a tremendous heel and has held that title for long enough. It needs a fresh resting place, like I’ve been saying for weeks on end. I think this time, Mickie has finally had it and I can see her really giving her all when it comes to this cage match. I am always a fan of women wrestlers taking on matches they wouldn’t normally be considered to compete in so Lockdown can definitely change things up. It’s Mickie’s time to be Knockouts Champion..let’s just hope she gets to keep her hair along with it.

Cryssi: It seems like I’ve picked Mickie James every single time she’s had a match for this championship. Tonight is no exception. Mickie James will finally win the Knockouts Championship because it makes the least amount of sense for her to win it now. She has a separated shoulder and Tara may turn face soon. The rest of the Knockouts are being brainwashed or running around in a stable so perfect timing for a switch. If Mickie ends up on the losing end tonight with her head shaved, I’ll shave my own head.

David: Tonight better be the night that Mickie James finally captures the TNA Knockouts Championship because if Madison is somehow successful in retaining her belt she will get to cut off all of Mickie’s hair! Nooooo! Not the hair! Honestly I just don’t get it. I like the match because I think Mickie and Madison will be entertaining to watch inside the steel cage, and I do hope Mickie wins the championship. Her fans have waited long enough. But I never understood “hair” matches. What’s the big deal again? Hair grows back. It’s not even that embarrassing, look at Serena; she looked hot with her new haircut! How is that equivalent to losing the TNA Knockouts Title? I’m going to ignore some of the silliness with the motorcycle accident and Mickie’s possible haircut and just enjoy the match, which I think will be very good. I predict Mickie James will win the TNA Knockouts championship, and that should make a lot of people happy, except for maybe Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake (he probably was available this Sunday for a little struttin’ and cuttin’).

Eric: This past week was the first week I became interested in a Madison Rayne feud since…forever. She cut without a doubt (in my mind) the best promo of her life. Unfortunately, the promo wasn’t really about her opponent in this match, but her lackey (or bitch) Tara. I was so into it that I completely forgot that Mickie was even a knockout. Not a good reaction for TNA. Let’s be real. There is no way Mickie is losing her hair. I predict Mickie James picks up the win after a Tara interference. Then we can get to the real feud, Madison vs. Tara and Mickie can celebrate with her dog and some moonshine, or whatever those hardcore country gals do after a win.

Erin: It’s been quite a buildup for Mickie’s first Knockouts Title reign, but it looks like she might finally have reached the promised land. Everything about this match’s recent buildup convinces me that she’s going to finally win the title: the underdog factor (getting hit by a motorcycle, no less!) and the fact that she’s putting her hair on the line. Now, unless Mickie’s hankering for a close crop, I seriously doubt we’ll be seeing her lose her hair anytime soon. The “hair vs. title” stipulation places the stakes pretty high, so there’s little chance, in my opinion, that she will lose. I think that the stage is finally set for a triumphant title victory: Mickie is injured and putting a lot at stake just to get this title shot. It’s booked for a feel-good ending. I say Mickie James is leaving the building as Knockouts Champion.

Melanie: TNA has swerved us several times with these two, so it’s anyone’s guess if Mickie will finally win the belt tonight. I could see Mickie losing the match, but due to some convoluted last-minute storyline addition, she won’t have her head shaved. Let’s face it, win or lose, Mickie’s not having her head shaved. Given her bum shoulder, I wouldn’t put the belt on Mickie and instead let Tara turn babyface and feud with Madison, but that’s just me. I could honestly see it go either way, but I guess I’ll go with the pack and pick Mickie James to win.

Steven: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There is no way in hell Mickie James is shaving her head. Not gonna happen. With the tension growing between Madison Rayne and Tara these days, I expect Tara to turn on Madison and help Mickie win the Knockouts Championship tonight at Lockdown. In short, my pick for this match is definitely Mickie James.

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