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Pro-Wrestling: EVE Promoter Dann Read Joins Diva Dirt

We are extremely excited to welcome a new addition to the team who will provide even more of an insight into the world of women’s wrestling for our readers — Dann Read, the promoter of Europe’s Pro-Wrestling: EVE. Dann will contribute a weekly audio series ‘The Inside Track’, giving readers a promoter’s eye view into the booking of the WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts, as well as spotlighting independent women’s wrestling and wrestlers.

Read the press release:

Pro-Wrestling:EVE and are joining forces as Diva Dirt continues to lead the way in providing news exclusive content on the female wrestling industry.

EVE Producer Dann Read has joined the Diva Dirt team and will be producing content for the successful website that will see him answering questions, giving his views, opinions, talking about who he would hire and who he wouldn’t hire and why that is, why some of our favourite television wrestling programs do things the way they do while also exposing some of the truths and problems of the expansion and exposure of the female wrestling scene – all from the point of view and rationale of being a wrestling promoter.

Dann commented “Diva Dirt is a real success story in the world of female-wrestling and the continued success and expansion of the site is a real testament to hard work, time and effort that everyone behind it are putting in. As a promoter of female wrestling it’s always great to see people go to such effort to help further the scene and I’m really pleased to be on board with the staff of Diva Dirt and look forward to working with them soon.

Dann continued “I’m also really looking forward to being able to publicly say some of the things that I feel need to be said while at the same time hopefully being able to explain some of the many confusing goings on in the wrestling world as it relates to the female scene. Unfortunately they’re not always answers we want to hear and I’m sure some people aren’t going to be too keen on what I have to say but I promise to give you a promoters view on what the real truth is and I personally can’t wait to begin!”

Dann joins an ever growing list of content providers to Diva Dirt such as former WWE Diva Katie Lea, Shimmer star Allison Danger, Kristin Astara and The Sun and FSM female wrestling correspondents Stew & Lee of The Women Of Wrestling Podcast to name just a few.

Stay tuned to and for details on when this brand new content will begin to go live.

For more information on Dann, follow the cut:

About Dann Read:

Since 1999 Dann Read has forged a career in various aspects of entertainment beginning as a co-host of a wrestling radio show for Ipswich Radio in Suffolk, UK. In 1999 Dann became involved in the British wrestling scene courtesy of NWA-UK Hammerlock and in 2002 Dann began promoting live wrestling events which he continues to do so to this day. The married father of two has soley promoted and been a part of the management teams behind some of the top shows to ever grace the UK and have featured such world renowned stars as: Bret “Hitman” Hart, Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi, Mick Foley, CM Punk, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Awesome Kong, Katie Lea, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus and many more in front of crowds of over 3000.

Dann has constantly looked for new innovations and challenges when promoting professional wrestling. From Europes first ever “King Of The Deathmatch” tournament to taking wrestling out of the traditional halls and venues and giving a fresh new feel to them by having standing room only nightclub events where fans can gather right up against the ring, Dann is always looking to improve every fans event experience.

In 2006 Dann worked with Alex Shane and Ring Of Honor on the promotion and operation of ROH’s first UK tour. The tour was a huge success.

In 2007 Dann began promoting ChickFight events in the UK for BlackPants Inc which saw the ChickFight noteriaty and brand name grow along with crowd attendances rising with every show including ChickFight’s first sell out event in August 2007 as well as the debut of the ChickFight television show on MavTV in the USA which in 2008 expanded to include Bite TV in Canada and Pulse TV in the UK.

In 2008 Dann also worked with Alex Shane and TNA on the promotion and operation of their first UK tour. The tour was a huge success.

In 2009 Dann began working on his own solo female-only project entitled Pro-Wrestling:EVE which began with tremendous success on May 8 2010 at The Delphi Club in Sudbury, Suffolk. You can find out more about Pro-Wrestling:EVE at the official website

For a review of the show courtesy of The Sun visit

For more information on Pro-Wrestling: EVE, please visit the official website

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