Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Pro-Wrestling: EVE vs Ice Ribbon: Day 1 Results

Pro-Wrestling: EVE returns with three shows this weekend in Nottingham, England featuring stars from Japan’s Ice Ribbon promotion. Join Diva Dirt for live coverage courtesy of our on-site reporter, Max.

* Shanna def. Kay Lee Ray with a Perfect Press. Shanna substituted for Carmel Jacobs in an impromptu match.

* Jetta comes out to ringside with the European Empire. She says that she said they would get rid of the old and that’s what she’s done. The old are no longer in EVE and now it’s about a new generation. Jetta informs the crowd that as the title is now in the Empire, that they are all champion. Jetta takes the title off Jenny Sjodin and announces herself as the EVE Champion before passing the belt to Nikki Storm and announcing her as champion also. Jetta says that as the title is already in the Empire, there is no need for Jenny to defend against April Davids tonight.

As April & Jenny demand that their match take place, Rhia O’Reilly enters and said she is fed up of losing but by tomorrow she will have more wins than losses. Rhia demands a title match and says she will beat Jenny for the title, then beat Super Jane and then beat April Davids. Jetta says Jenny will not defend the title against Rhia. Jenny grabs the microphone and says she can speak for herself and accepts the challenge. Jetta storms out of the ring.

* Jenny Sjodin def. Rhia O’Reilly to retain the EVE Championship.

* Rhia complains that she wasn’t ready for the match & wants it restarted. Super Janey B enters ringside & referee orders their previously announced match to take place. Rhia complains again.

* Rhia O’Reilley def. Super Janey B by using the ropes.

* Em Jay def. Sara-Marie Taylor of the Glamour Gym in a major upset.

* Venom def. Kirsty Love in a Potentials match. Both really impressed.

* Nikki Storm def. Ice Ribbon’s Tsukasa Fujimoto in what is described as a “career defining match”.

* Alpha Female def. Hikaru Shida with an Inoki-plex in a hard hitting match.

* Hikari Minami & Emi Sakura def. Erin Angel & Shanna when Minami pinned Erin. Shanna then challenged Hikari to an ICEx60 Championship match tomorrow.

* Jenny Sjodin def. April Davids in 30 minute match with some of the finest wrestling seen in EVE. The crowd gave both a standing ovation that lasted nearly six minutes and carried on after both went back to the dressing room. Described as “possibly the best women’s match in Europe”.

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