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RAW Discussion Post: 06.14.21

The Eva-Lution happens tonight as Eva Marie officially makes her return to WWE.

For over a month now vignettes have been airing in regards to Eva’s return to the company. There have been many rumors swirling in regards to her return. Will she be just a manager? Will she be back in the ring? Will she bring someone with her?

Well WWE has given us an answer before the show starts.

Eva will be in action tonight as she faces Naomi. Naomi was the last “opponent” that Eva had prior to leaving the company. This was during her gimmick where unlikely circumstances were preventing her from having matches. This specific instance had Eva “caught in traffic.”

Along with Eva’s return, there are several other storylines we can see more of for the women tonight.

Is Shayna Baszler okay?

Last week to end the RAW broadcast, Alexa Bliss and her doll Lilly had Baszler trapped in a backstage room. As the lights went out after Baszler saw Lilly in the mirror, that she winded up smashing, the Queen of Spades screamed as RAW went off the air.

With all of this going on, Hell in a Cell is coming up this Sunday, June 20. For that event we will witness RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley defend her title against Charlotte Flair. The match at this time is not booked inside the cell itself.

Nikki Cross fits into this equation as she has three victories over the past three weeks. Two Beat the Clock Challenges in which she outlasted Ripley one week and Flair the next, and a tag team victory alongside Asuka from last week. A victory where Cross pinned the RAW Women’s Champion.

Will Cross get added to the match at Hell in a Cell or will she take on the winner after that event?

As always, feel free to discuss tonight’s show in the comment section below. :)

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