Friday, December 8, 2023

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Raw Live Blog: Tag Team Action

This is a random post by Melanie at 3am, so it may not be too coherent. I am watching the WWE Draft and a few Diva related notes below:

– The Divas match of the night (hopefully not the only one) was enough to make any true Diva fan squeal like a little girl! I know I did! In a dream tag team match, it was Raw’s Melina and Mickie James taking on SmackDown’s Natalya and Victoria for a draft pick. This match was announcers only, meaning only announcers/interviewers could be drafted as a result.

– There was a spot where it seemed Melina was injured, for a minute I thought it was a real injury however the outcome made me think otherwise. Melina’s “injury” led to a brawl, leading to a double count-out allowing Raw and SmackDown a draft pick. If we think about it, it makes sense as they can’t just move one announcer to another brand.

– No Divas have been drafted as of yet.

– How much is Melanie looking forward to JR and Mick Foley calling the SmackDown Diva matches? A lot!

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