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Raw Redux Does Superstars (April 28th, 2011)

This week on WWE Superstars, new Smackdown Divas, Alicia Fox and Natalya, had their last match as Raw Divas (for now) in a ol’ tag team match. Alicia and Natalya teamed up with Melina and Gail Kim, respectively, before being shipped off to the blue brand. Which team comes out on top? Check out the match below:

Thoughts: This is what we should be getting on Raw every week, especially considering Raw currently has the only Divas title in WWE. This is the best I’ve seen Melina in quite some time. She seems to have honed her moveset and everything looks a lot cleaner than it has in the past; Not to mention her team chemistry with Alicia was very strong.

Speaking of Alicia, I was also impressed with her in this match. Like Melina, Alicia has had the misfortune of being pretty sloppy at times, but I found that she was on point tonight. Hopefully, this can carry over to her new home of Smackdown.

As always, Natalya was impressive in the ring, playing her role of ‘Babyface in distress’ to a tee. The most memorable moment of hers in this match had to be her backroll into a kip-up. Wonderful. I’m also hoping for big things from Natalya as she make her way to the blue brand.

Natalya’s partner, Gail played her role as the hot tag very well. I’ve been a big fan of Gail and Alicia’s work together, so it was great to see them facing off again.

All in all, a very solid match from all involved, which is fitting since it may be quite some time until we see this particular combination of Divas in the same match again. I hope WWE take note and replicates this kind of Diva action on their main shows.

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