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Raw Redux (May 30th, 2011): Kharma Drops a Bomb and Kelly Bashes The Bellas

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Raw Redux! With Kharma out of the way for the foreseeable future, the Divas are able have their tag team matches without fearing for their lives. HOORAY!!! This week Kelly Kelly and Eve team up to take on the Bella Twins. Who will come out on top? Check out the match below:

We start off with The Bella in the ring, clad in leopard print gear. Kelly and Eve make their entrance next to a good pop from the crowd. As they make their way to the ring, we’re treated to a video package of Kelly Kelly on the red carpet of the Maxim Hot 100 party. Back to the ring, Brie Bella and Eve are kicking things off for their respective teams. The referee signals for the bell and our match is underway.

The Divas start off with a lockup, and Eve gets the upperhand on Brie, locking in a side headlock. Brie manages to fight out and levels Brie with a shoulder block. Eve hits the ropes, but Brie see her coming and rolls out of the way. Eve transitions into a nifty hands-free cartwheel, followed by a deep armdrag into an armbar.

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Firmly in control of the match, Eve tries to whip Brie of the rope, but is countered by the devious Divas Champion. Eve comes back with a counter of her own, leaping over Brie and rolling her up with a sunset flip for a near fall. Brie tries to reverse the pin, but Eve quickly transitions into a really nifty submission hold.

Seeing her sister in trouble, Nikki baits Kelly into coming into the ring, distracting the referee. With the official’s attention on Kelly, Nikki runs in, kicks Eve in the head and switches places with Brie in the process.

Nikki drags Eve to the Bella corner and the twins work over Eve with frequent tags, before taking her down with a double team maneuver for a two count. Brie throws Eve into the ropes and chokes her out, prompting the referee to pull her away. Nikki uses the distraction as a chance to land a stiff kick to Eve’s head. Ouch.

The Bellas tag once again and Nikki kicks Eve in the head once again, before locking in a front chancery. After a bit of struggle, Eve counters with a modified Northern Lights suplex, taking Nikki off of her feet. Nikki tries to get back in control, but Eve crawls between her legs and makes the hot tag to a fresh Kelly Kelly.

Kelly comes in like a house of fire, taking Nikki down with a Thesz Press, followed by an ass slap. Kelly followed up with her whirlybird headscissors, followed by a stinkface in the corner. Finally, Kelly lands a bulldog out of the corner and goes for the pin, which is broken up by Brie. Before Brie can do any more damage, Eve comes to the rescue, taking her out with a dropkick. With Brie neutralized, Kelly finishes Nikki off with the K2 to pick up the win for her team.

All in all, a pretty good match from the Divas this week. I thought Kelly played her role well as the hot tag and did better than she has in past weeks. I was really impressed with Eve tonight. You can tell she has been working on her craft and is getting better and better as a result. I really wish we would have seen this side of Eve when she had the Diva Championship a while back.

The Bellas also impressed me this week. They’re starting to work like an actual tag team, and not just like two Divas tagging together, which is a good thing. I was pretty skeptical when Brie won the belt, but I think she’s she’s starting to come into her own as a champion and as the top heel on Raw. Not bad for someone who was just eye candy last year. Hopefully, WWE doesn’t drop the ball with the Bellas, as they’ve done with countless other Divas.

Also on this week’s Raw, Kharma addressed the WWE Universe and dropped a bomb on them. Watch the segment below:

Wow. A very touching moment from Kharma. I never expected WWE to let Kharma talk about her wrestling past (or say the word ‘wrestling’, to be honest) or her personal life on the air. I assumed WWE would have some way to write Kharma out of the division for the time being. Very classy move on WWE’s part to let Kharma have that moment with the fans.

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I also have to give an honorable mention to the Bellas, who piggybacked on Kharma’s announcement to get some realy good heat from the fans. If the audience was indifferent to the Bellas before, they definitely hate them now (which is a good thing). If the Bellas are going to be the top heels, they need all the heat they can get and this was a great way to get it.

In closing, excellent Divas action this week. With Kharma out of the picture for now and Kelly Kelly pinning the Divas champion tonight, I see a Kelly/Bella feud in the near future. Or maybe someone new will step up to the plate? Or maybe we’ll have another tag team match… yay… In any case, we’ll have to wait till next week’s Raw to find out.

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