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Raw Spoilers: November 10th, 2014

Below are spoilers for tonight’s edition of Raw, being taped today in Liverpool, England:

* John Cena came out to mega boos. The crowd sang John Cena sucks during his intro. Cena looked a little rattled. He tried and failed to get the crowd behind him. The fans started up the network chant again. Cena said he understands and the crowd got behind him. There was even a “Yes” chant. He used the lack of the network in the UK and blamed The Authority.

Cena got back on track and said The Authority have stopped people from joining his Survivor Series. He said Zack Ryder’s real life injury was the result of him saying he wanted to join. He said Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler would be his first two teammates. He said The Authority scared everyone else. He said he wants his opponent tonight, Ryback, to come down to the ring to talk.

There was yet another “Where’s Our Network” chant again as The Authority got in the ring. Triple H said Cena is right in that everything is on the line. He was drowned out by network chant. Triple H waffled for two minutes about playing the game, saying the same thing in 70 different ways. He said The Authority always wins. Triple H said Jack Swagger and laughed, then mockingly said Dolph Ziggler’s name and made him out to be “the little tiny guy.” Cena came back with a Daniel Bryan line.

Steph waffled about Team Authority. She tried to recruit Ryback for Team Authority. Triple H followed up by offering Ryback more. Ryback thought about it and smiled. Cena called them wankers. Cena ran down The Authority. Cena asked Ryback which side he was on. The crowd chanted “Feed Me More.” Ryback said he’s not afraid of The Authority, but he doesn’t see Ryback at the bottom of his paycheck. He turned around and gave Cena a spinebuster to presumably join Team Authority.

* Paige defeated Alicia Fox. Page received a huge reaction. Biggest pop of the night so far. A “Let’s go, Paige” chant started, followed by England. It was a basic Diva match with Paige winning via pinfall in about three minutes.

* Hunter and Stephanie watched the Vince announcement from last week. Steph said it’s a test. She’s been tested her whole life. Hunter questioned if he was trying to split them. Hunter again disparaged Ziggler and said they will overcome. Steph questioned “what if?” Triple H said as long as they have each other they will be fine and they kissed.

* Rusev and Lana were shown walking backstage before they were stopped by Stephanie. Lana said they are still considering. Steph said consider this you stupid Russian twit. You scratch my back… As the video was playing they setup the ring for an interview segment which presumably was for Rusev as there was a Russian flag… They showed various vehicle incidents in WWE history.

* Rusev came out with the lovely Lana. They showed highlights of his U.S. Title win from the network last week, which didn’t go down well. Lana said Rusev is “your champion.” How ironic? She said he wears it as a symbol of how much better Russia is than the United States, which got a pop. Rusev was told that mother Russia is proud of him. There was a random chant of “Winston Churchill” followed by “what?” chants. They played the Russian national anthem, which was boo’d heavily. This was interrupted by Sheamus, who charged the ring and cleared the Russian party.

* Rusev defeated Sheamus to retain the U.S. Title.

* As Rusev and Lana were walking backstage. Steph applauded and asked if they had considered further. Lana said they would join Team Authority. Lana started to say “Vladimir Putin would…” but Steph said she doesn’t care what Putin wants, it’s what The Authority want.

* AJ Lee beat Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella). There were loud CM Punk chants during Lee’s entrance. Not a great match. Lee won with the Black Widow. Nikki attacked AJ after the match to no reaction whatsoever. She posed over AJ with the belt.


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