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Raw Women’s Title match set for Backlash

The WWE have announced that at Backlash, Alexa Bliss will get her rematch for the Raw Women’s Champion against Nia Jax. Jax won the title from Bliss at this year’s WrestleMania.

You can read‘s announcement briefing below:

At WWE Backlash, newly-crowned Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax will look to thwart the always-dangerous former titleholder Alexa Bliss in a WrestleMania rematch.

There was a time when Jax and Bliss were best friends (or so we were led to believe). The Irresistible Force could always be counted on to help The Goddess of WWE hold onto her title whenever she was in a jam. Their relationship came crashing down, however, when Bliss was caught mocking her longtime cohort backstage on The Road to WrestleMania. Then, at The Show of Shows, Jax rose above the hate and bested Five Feat of Fury to lay claim her first Raw Women’s Championship.

Just because something is heroic, however, does not mean it’s destined to continue. After several attempts to paint Nia as the bully rather than the victim, Bliss made it known that she’s gunning for her fifth Women’s Title in a highly anticipated rematch against Jax at WWE Backlash.

The Raw Women’s Champion is a truly imposing force, possessing the talent and the attitude (not to mention the DNA) to thrive on her throne for a very long time, but the cunning and ruthless former champion will stop at nothing to once again take her place at the head of the pack.

As it was previously reported, going forward WWE’s PPVs will now be dual branded shows with SmackDown.

WWE’s Backlash airs Sunday May 6th on the WWE Network.

Are you excited for this match?

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