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Raw Writers Address Why Divas Matches Are So Short

WWE Monday Night Raw writers, Brian Gerwitz and Ed Kosky appeared at a panel discussion at Comic Con in San Diego, and one of the questions asked was why some of the matches, particularly for the Divas, are so short. Check out the answer below:

And if any of you were wondering what happened to the lengthy matches on RAW, or why a Diva like Eve might get stuck in match that only last for one minute…well, Gewirtz and Kosky had something to say about that too. “On RAW we have a live show,” Gewirtz said. “And often times you can put aside a certain amount of time for the matches that you want to see and believe it or not, and I can’t speak for this panel [smiles right at The Miz] but sometimes the talent will go over the allotted time [crowd laughs] and that creates a domino effect that cuts into the time in the next segment and then the next segment and on a live show, if a segment goes three, four minutes heavy, you’ve got to take time out of something else.” “Kind of like the Main Event stuff, with the beginning, middle and end, is going to take up the majority of the time so if something runs long then it’s the in-between stuff that gets cut,” Kosky clarified. “And that’s when you usually get your two minute matches. It’s just the cost of doing business when you do live TV.”

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There you have it! Funny how it always seems to affect the Divas, though.

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