Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Recap of Celebrity Apprentice Episode 2 with Maria Kanellis

Here is a recap of last night’s episode courtesy of our friends at Maria Kanellis Online. Be sure to visit the site for pictures and videos from the episode.

Donald Trump gave the teams their challenge this week, The Kodak Challenge, where each team was to create an ad campaign for Kodak.

Team Tenacity chose Maria to be the project manager this week. She came up with the whole idea for the campaign, including taking pictures with the celebrities and posing for pictures with WWE championship belts inside of a ring.

Both teams got off to a good start with everything running smoothly for them. The challenge began and everything was going well for Tenacity until the power started going in and out in the middle of it. The secret shoppers, as well as the Kodak representatives, visited the stores and said mostly positive things about Tenacity.

In the boardroom, Trump asked Maria what she thought of her team, which Maria said she loved the team because they all work so well together. When asked of what she thought of the other team’s work, she said she thought they did good but lacked Kodak products, which was the whole point of the mission. Trump announced Tenacity as the winners, saving the girls from elimination. Project manager of Rocksolid, Sinbad, was the second celebrity to be fired from the show.

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