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Report: Another Top Diva Leaving WWE?

EVEReports circulating today suggest that reigning Divas Champion Eve Torres may be wrapping up her five year career with WWE, according to WrestleZone via PWInsider.

The champion will defend her title tonight on the 20th anniversary episode of Raw against Kaitlyn. Could a loss her signal the end of her run?

Torres — who joined WWE through the 2007 Diva Search — has been a major fixture in the division over the last few years, with more reigns as Divas Champion than any other woman — that’s three in total.

In 2012, she competed at WrestleMania, headlined Raw with AJ Lee in a mixed tag team match, won the NBC reality show ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ and became engaged to Rener Gracie of the iconic Gracie jiu jitsu family.

Outside the ring, Eve’s skill-set matches her impressive in-ring repertoire; a well-spoken, educated and all around well put together intelligent young woman, Eve has been at the forefront of WWE’s promotional activities and philanthropic causes, representing the company in a positive manner.

To say her departure would be a loss for WWE is an understatement.

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