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Report: Diva Plans for WrestleMania

In line with recent years, WWE is expected to book a multi-Diva match or a tag team match for WrestleMania 26 at month’s end according to the Figure Four Weekly newsletter.

The reason that the Divas have all been bundled onto the show in the past several years is because it’s a way to give all of the girls a cut of the WrestleMania payday which is a big yearly bonus for the Superstars and Divas who appear. Not since 2006 has WWE opted to be selective with the girls used.

We have all been hopeful that WWE would return to form every year and give us a big championship match and every year we’re disappointed. Personally, after last year’s Miss WrestleMania catastrophe we at Diva Dirt haven’t been too optimistic for anything different this year so it’s not a huge shock. It just fails my comprehension that on a show that should be perfection from top to bottom, WWE wouldn’t reward the most talented, hard working girls on the roster with a spot on the show — rather opting to use all the Divas which usually ends up as one of the weakest moments on the entire card. Again, just like the Diva of the Year debacle last year, it’s a cop out. How hard could it to give two girls a championship bout and use the others in a backstage segment with Z-list celebrity #25632? They do it on Raw every week.

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