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Report: Roxanne Perez NXT Status After Stand & Deliver

Roxanne Perez gets a chance to become a two-time NXT Women’s Champion as she challenges Lyra Valkyria this Saturday at Stand & Deliver.

If Perez is unable to capture the title, where does she stand in NXT? Will she be called up?

There has also been the speculation that Perez was placed in this position because of Cora Jade’s injury. It appeared that Jade was in line to fave Valkyria when she returned earlier this year.

Per Fightful Select:

Roxanne Perez is once again in the NXT Women’s Championship title picture with a new attitude and will challenge for the title at NXT Stand And Deliver this Friday when she takes on Lyra Valkyria.

Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan has learned several details on Roxanne’s future in WWE. Many fans have clamoured for Perez to be brought up to the main roster, with several appearances already, most notably in back to back Royal Rumble matches in 2023 and 2024. Brennan is told that Perez has impressed major officials in each of her main roster appearances and her callup was described as “only a matter of time.”

That being said, some in NXT would like to see Perez stick around on the brand for the time being to allow her to continue developing her new heel character, which is said to have blown away officials, with some pushing for a Perez title win at Saturday’s Premium Live Event.

Some fans have speculated that Perez has filled a role that was meant for former tag team partner and rival Cora Jade, who suffered a torn ACL that she underwent surgery for in January. NXT sources tell Fightful Select that this is not completely true, as Jade and Perez were provisionally planned to reunite as heels prior to Jade’s injury.

Perez is someone who has been described as “professional beyond her years” by one source in NXT, while another noted that the ‘sky is the limit’ for the 22 year old.

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