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Report: Sarita’s Wrestling Future in Mexico in Doubt?

New reports circulating today suggest that TNA Knockout Sarita‘s wrestling future in Mexico may be in doubt.

Most fans will know that as well as appearing in TNA, Sarita, aka Sarah Stock, also competes under the name Dark Angel in Mexico for the prestigious CMLL promotion.

Speaking to F4WOnline‘s Figure Four Daily show, lucha libre expert Dr Lucha, Steven H. Sims, who also writes for the Super Luchas magazine in Mexico, reports that Sarita’s position with CMLL may be in jeopardy stemming from her current excursion to Japan for a two-month tour with the STARDOM promotion.

It is reported that CMLL officials are unhappy with the Knockout for signing up for the tour with STARDOM, which has no ties to CMLL, as their official women’s wrestling partner in Japan is the REINA promotion. Additionally, it’s alleged that Sarita arranged the booking on her own and not through CMLL, as is reportedly custom, thus shutting the company out of a percentage of her salary for the tour.

Sims suggests that CMLL may be falsely advertising the former Knockouts Tag Team Champion, knowing that she is in Japan, in order to sully her reputation in Mexico, and possibly release her.

Sims tells F4W: “As soon as they know they’re not available for bookings they start listing them on their posters and assigning them bookings that they know they’ll miss; that way they get rid of them -– which appears to be their intention.”

He continues: “They can [then] say, ‘Here’s the poster that we sent to the promoters. We said Dark Angel’s going to be there and she didn’t show up for work’.”

Furthermore, Sims ponders that the Knockout’s work visa may also be in jeopardy. As Sarita, originally from Canada, requires a visa to work in Mexico, CMLL is thought to sponsor her visa, thus, should she lose her job, she would be unable to work for another Mexican promotion without obtaining a new visa.

Sims says: “It appears that CMLL is doing it deliberately to issue a punishment to her and I think because of the work permit situation, what we will find out is that they simply don’t book her — at least until such time as her work permit comes up, and hope that teaches her a lesson that she can work in Japan but only if the CMLL office gets a cut of her bookings.”

As reported last month, Sarita is currently in Japan for a two-month tour. Her last TNA appearance was in April.

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