Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Reported plans for Eva Marie upon her return


It has been nearly a month since WWE first started to air vignettes for the return of Eva Marie. Since then, several videos have aired which have pushed the notion that she will serve as a manager or a motivator to a fellow talent. This seems to be the exact case.

According to a report by Fightful Select, the plan as of now is not for Eva Marie to return as an in-ring competitor. Fightful has been told that the plan is to use her as a vehicle to help get another female talent over. This plan has been in the works long before her vignettes started to air and confirms that her return is in no way a response to WWE recently releasing other female talent.

There is no word on who the female talent is that Eva Marie will be paired up with.

There have been various reports of her training at the WWE Performance Center and she even gave a shout out to Norman Smiley for his coaching. Once rumors started to swirl that Eva Marie would be back, she had previously stated that she would return to WWE when the time was right and if it made sense.

Who do you think Eva Marie will be paired with? Will it be someone currently on the RAW roster or someone called up? Leave your thoughts below.