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Results from RCW Last Night: Mia Yim vs Daizee Haze, Del Rey Appears

Diva Dirt reader David sent the following results from last night’s RCW show (not the same one that Alissa Flash competes for) which saw DD’s Mia Yim take on Daizee Haze.

Mia Yim took on Daizee Haze. Mia was face and Daizee appeared to be too, until the match began. Takedown by Daizee followed by a front facelock but Mia countered. A bit of chain wrestling with Daizee getting the advantage. Daizze then hits a takedown onto the leg. She works over Mia’s leg for the next few minutes with a few counters there and there. Mia hits a spinning heel kick on Daizee to de-rail her momentum. Mia then hits some pretty stiff kicks followed by a top rope missile dropkick. It was picture perfect. She goes to the top again but Daizee cowers behind the ref. Mia ended up missile dropkicking the ref. While Mia attends to the ref, we get an appearance from Sara Del Rey! She attacks Mia and sends her into the corner, hits a Koppu Kick and sends her into Daizee who hits a German suplex for the three count.

After the match was a intermission. I got an autograph from Daizee, a picture with Del Rey and a little meet with Mia live. It was fantastic to meet Del Ray and Daizee and to talk to Mia. And the night was absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to come back :)

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