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Review: Bombshells with Leva Bates

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Keyfabe Commentaries is bringing a new perspective into the world of shoots with the new series Bombshells, hosted by Leva Bates. Leva sits down with Mia Yim, also known as Jade, and Kennadi Brink, formally known as Jessie Kaye, in the first episode.

If you’ve ever seen HighSpots shoot interviews, the show follows a similar formula. Leva and Mia discuss a variety of topics including what inspired Mia to get into wrestling, her goals, her love life, tips for younger girls wanting to get into the business, and more.

Leva controls the conversation well enough, flowing into each question despite sometimes going off on tangents. The two are close friends and it shows, they frequently tease each other between back and forth banter. It makes for compelling conversation if you’d like to learn more about Mia and how she ticks.

Mia reveals her role models included Chyna, Lita, and Ivory and someday she hopes to assume Gail Kim‘s role in being a ring and locker room leader.

My favorite part of Mia’s shoot was their discussion about Mia’s interests outside of wrestling which includes her favorite movie genres and her affinity for everything Disney.

Mia also imparted valuable advice for up and coming wrestlers when it comes to dating within the business.

Between interviews the series highlights matches including Mia vs Kimber Lee and Leva vs Veda Scott. Unfortunately the commentary team is hard to bear but both matches are fun and Mia vs Kimber is full of hard hitting action, so if you’ve never seen them in the ring together, I highly recommend this match. Both women are equally matched and it’s exciting to see who will come out on top.

The interview with Kennadi is more centered on wrestling, she’s optimistic, and jovial. She talks about changing her ring name, changing her body and lifestyle to begin wrestling,  training at Team3D Academy, dating, her first jobs outside wrestling, and more. It’s markedly different in tone from Mia’s interview. Leva also seems more comfortable and in control of this one.

My favorite part of Kennadi’s interview was hearing about her first jobs and the craziest interactions she’s had with fans during events and on social media.

Several matches capped off the end of the show, this time featuring Kennadi against several opponents.

All in all Bombshells is an interesting look at the up and coming stars in the women’s wrestling scene. With a run time of 144 minutes, there’s enough here that fans of both ladies and anyone interested in learning more about the business will find informative.

Women on the indies seldom have a voice if they’re not featured in big promotions, like WWE/NXT, TNA, or even Lucha Underground, and I look forward to seeing where this series could go to change that.

To order this on DVD or watch on demand, go here.

Are you interested in the series? Who do you hope Leva interviews next? Sound off in the comments below.

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