Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Rhaka Khan, Roxxi Suspended


Contrary to rumours that they are in the midst of being released, we can reveal that TNA Knockouts, Rhaka Khan and Roxxi have been suspended following their legit backstage brawl, which we reported on last month. Both have been suspended for two months.

Rumours began circulating last week, that they along with Jacqueline, would have their contracts expire soon and it wasn’t expected that TNA would pick them up for renewal. While I can’t comment on their contractual status, it looks like rumours of the pair being released can be quashed, as they have simply been sidelined due to a backstage altercation.

As great a performer as Roxxi may be, I feel TNA did the right thing here by suspending the both. Whatever may or may not have happened between them, it’s not professional and TNA has to look out for the welfare of it’s employees and cannot risk such behaviour. Kudos to them.

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