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Rhea Ripley Remains On Top At Mania; Team GlowEST Storm Dominate

Mami remains on top!

Rhea Ripley has walked out of Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia at WrestleMania XL as Women’s World Champion. She continues her reign now for over a year. Ripley defeated Becky Lynch in a highly anticipated showdown although Lynch wasn’t at her physical best. She worked this match with strep throat and having had a 102° fever from the illness.

This match opened the show as Ripley made her way to the ring with Motionless in White playing her theme song live. Lynch promotes her number one New York Times Bestseller book as her gear was representative of that.

The match picked up momentum in the back half about the time that Lynch kicked out of a Riptide. Moments later, Lynch turned an armbar into the Disarmher as Ripley powered out of it lifting Lynch onto her shoulders. The two would fall out over the top rope but Lynch remained on Ripley’s shoulders! Ripley dropped the electric chair on the outside.

The final moments of the match had Lynch go for a ManHandle Slam from the second rope, but Ripley countered. After a punch to Lynch’s face, Ripley hit a Riptide into the turnbuckle and one more in the middle of the ring for good measures. Lynch stayed down for the three count. Mami retains!

Later on, Jade Cargill made her WrestleMania debut alongside two women who are quite familir with the event – Naomi and Bianca Belair. They faced Damage CTRL’s Dakota Kai and the Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors.

The final moments of the match had a huge pop for Cargill who enter the ring last for her team. Asuka saved Kairi Sane from the KOD but there was a huge miscommunication between the tag champs. Asuka meant to mist Belair who ducked out of the way which left Sane covered in the mist.

Naomi takes out Sane while Belair whips Asuka with her braid. KOD to Asuka before Cargill plants Kai with Jaded for the win.

Check back in tomorrow to talk about Night Two as IYO SKY defends against Bayley.

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