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Rhea Ripley Wins WarGames Advantage For Team Damage CTRL


On the go-home episode of Raw for Survivor Series WarGames, Rhea Ripley took on Asuka in the main event. The winner of the match earned the WarGames advantage.

Before we got to the match, there was a promo for the WarGames match. The Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair entered the ring with teammates Alexa Bliss and Asuka. The fourth member of the team, Michin (Mia Yim) wasn’t out with her team but did have a brawl with Ripley earlier in the night.

Belair teases the fifth unannounced member of her team. She says they will be announced this Friday on SmackDown. Damage CTRL, Ripley, and Cross then made their way to the ring. Bayley says that Belair won’t find her fifth member because nobody even respects her. This includes Belair’s own teammates because according to Bayley they are just sucking up to her to be next in line for the title.

Belair says that while Bayley and company are playing games, her team is ready for war. Bliss adds that she will throw Nikki Cross in the trash where she belongs. Asuka says they are ready for war but nobody is ready for us.

The match between Ripley and Asuka came right after and was given plenty of time in the main event. In the final moments of the match, Damage CTRL and Cross plus Belair and Bliss would come to ringside to support their respective team members. Asuka thought she had the match won with a submission but Ripley was able to escape. Ripley would lastly deliver Riptide to get the pin and the victory. Team Damage CTRL has the WarGames advantage.

Post match, the two teams brawled. Michin would eventually join the fight and she and Ripley would brawl into the audience. Asuka delivered a crossbody from the turnbuckle onto the rest of the women to end the show.

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