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Ring Ka King Write-Up (March 3rd, 2012): Mickie James vs. Raisha Saeed

Greetings everybody, and welcome to your weekly Ring Ka King Write-Up! I am your recapper, Bobby, and for the past few weeks we have been treated to some stellar matches; some comical, yet still good matches, and overall, a bunch of build up leading to two titans colliding in that very ring. Well tonight, I am proud to tell you that this is it… the big grudge match we have all been waiting for is upon us! Mickie James will do battle with arch nemesis, Raisha Saeed in what has been a long time coming. Which lady (assuming Raisha is not portrayed by a masculine figure this evening) will reign supreme? There’s only one way to find out!

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We are treated to a nice video package highlighting the feud between Mickie and Raisha, which is actually amazingly put together. Back to the arena we go, as the catchy Indian style theme hits and out walks Raisha and the Sheiks. The good news is that Raisha looks to be her normal female self this evening, but the bad news is that the Sheiks are with her which does not bode well for Mickie James. Speaking of which… ahem, HARRRRRDCUUURRRRRR COUNNTRREHHHHH hits, and here comes our Impact pride & joy skipping her way down the ramp alongside the Bollywood Boyz! Once both competitors step into the ring, the bell sounds and we kick things off.

Raisha tries to attack Mickie from behind, but James spins around in time to block her attempt and deck her in the face with some shots. Duck of a clothesline sparks Mickie to roll her up for a two count, before reverting to a headlock that sends her off the ropes with a shoulder block. Mickie with a nice cartwheel into a dropkick as the wild fans go crazy for the Hardcore Country songstress! Raisha then proceeds to take control, shoving James into the corner and kicking her in the abdomen a few times for good measure. She then runs forward, as Mickie leaps up and goes for the Mick-A-Rana, but unfortunately for her, Daivari hops onto the ring apron and allows Raisha to counter with a vicious powerbomb.

Saeed refuses to cover, instead just adding insult to injury with some punches and a boot to the face. The crowd gets behind Mickie, but this doesn’t stop Raisha from blasting James’ throat across the bottom rope in unison with their chanting. Saeed then drags her to the center of the ring and blasts her with a curb-stomp, only garnering a two count. From there, she transitions into an arm lock submission as the crowd continues to try and back Mickie for the win. They seem to help some, as she flips Raisha over and comes back with some punches and clotheslines.

Raisha sends Mickie off the ropes, but Mickie slides under the legs and snapmares her over. She tries to run off the opposing side for a baseball slide dropkick, however the Sheiks grab her by the foot and distract her attention from Saeed. Raisha runs up from behind and goes for a roll-up, but Mickie manages to kick out and drop her with an arm trap neckbreaker into a kip up! She proceeds to baseball slide the Sheiks, which does nothing but aggravate them! They run into the ring, but thankfully, the Bollywood Boyz charge in to take them out as all four men fall to the outside. Back inside the ring, Mickie kicks Raisha in the stomach and sets up for it… can she? YES! The Mickie-DT scores and Mickie James wins the grudge match!

Thoughts: Fun match to what has been a fun feud. Mickie vs Raisha was what I expected it to be, and that was an enjoyable bout with their tag team counterparts getting into a brawl. I will say that while Raisha is my favorite of Cheerleader Melissa‘s personas, I do miss hearing Alyssa’s kickass theme! I’m not entirely sure if this is the last taping Mickie was involved with or not, but I don’t see where else she and Raisha could go from here since we’ve seen both the six person tag and the grudge match, so if Angelina Love is here for the next episode, I can’t wait! Really looking forward to seeing what she and Raisha get to do.

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