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“Rock the Vote” With Candice & Batista

Can you hear the “Star-Spangled Banner” playing in the background? We’ve gone political! Following our post on Candice Michelle‘s appearance at the Democratic National Convention, we’ve received an e-mail from the lovely Jackie on behalf of AT&T regarding the Rock the Vote movement. She’s provided us with a few photos featuring Candice and Batista in Denver in front of the Rock the Vote bus, along with some interesting information regarding the Rock the Vote cause and how they, along with AT&T, are reaching out to young and prospective voters leading up to election day this November.

Check out the photos of Candice below, and click here to see all of the photos of the “Rock the Vote” bus. Obviously, for more info regarding Rock the Vote, visit RockTheVote.com.

As you can see, Candice and Batista are in front of what has been dubbed the “Rock the Vote Mobile Election Vehicle”. Wondering what that is? Here’s some more info, courtesy of Jackie:

The RtV Mobile Election Vehicle, launching in partnership with AT&T, will be stationed at Youth HQ right outside the convention center. Vehicle features include:

· A PSA Recording Booth where visitors record their very own PSA/Rock the Vote message to share with friends online or via video text messaging (MMS)

· Two Voter Registration Bays with computer stations where young people can register to vote

· A Mobile Music Bay where concert-goers can download RTV-related content to their mobile device and sign up for an AT&T RTV text message short-code, RTVOTE (788683), to automatically receive voter registration and Election Day reminders, polls, political quizzes, celebrity messages, and mobilization alerts

· A Framerz Bay where guests can use a tethered camera phone to take photos with an RTV celebrity, presidential candidate or political icon

· A Convention Karaoke contest where political pundits and politicians are paired with Rock stars to sing (potentially bad) karaoke to urge young people to get out and vote.

Please please please at least look over the information we’ve provided, and if you are American, get involved! Don’t make me come after you with a steel chair. I swear, I’ll get Jillian Hall to warble a few patriotic tunes for you all.. This election is extremely important, as you obviously know – I don’t have to tell you that. To get more information on this great cause, including how to get involved with this election just by using your cell phone, read more.

The main objective of the AT&T/Rock the Vote partnership is to mobilize the youth and get them more involved in this election season. This is achieved through text messaging, which I’m sure many of you are pretty familiar with. Below we have a small description explaining the program, along with a video to give you a better idea on how the whole thing works:

Rock the Vote and AT&T are reaching out to youth voters this election season with the latest tool in voter mobilization: the text message.

Text “VOTE” to RTVOTE (788683) to automatically receive voter registration and Election Day reminders, polls, political quizzes, celebrity messages, and mobilization alerts.

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