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ROH Recap (July 5th, 2010): Daizee Haze vs Jamilia Craft

In this edition of the ROH Recap, we have 18 year old “Jumping” Jamilia Craft going up against seasoned veteran Daizee Haze. Watch below:

This match starts off with Jamilia already waiting in the ring wearing her Macho Man-esque gear while Daizee makes her entrance.

The women shake hands in the middle of the ring before referee Bryce Remsburg orders for the bell. Daizee tries to engage a lock up with her opponent, but Jamilia has other things on her mind as she does a front roll. The two women circle a ring for a few more seconds before Daizee initiates the first move by securing a waist lock and then converting to a wrist lock before forcing Jamilia down on to her back. While she has Jamilia on the mat, Daizee begins to knee her in the arm while still latching on to her wrist.

Daizee sits Jamilia back up and begins to wrench her arm. Jamilia stands back up momentarily, but Daizee takes her down quickly with a hip toss. Daizee continues to work Jamilia’s arm by instilling an arm bar. Jamilia make her way back up again and again Daizee takes her down by the arm, but this time she locks her in a head scissors. Jamilia tries to use her legs to thrust out of it, but despite her efforts Daizee keeps the submission secured.

That doesn’t last very much longer as Jamilia rolls around on the mat and is able to capture Daizee into a side head lock. Daizee works her way back up to her feet and tries to escape the headlock by sending Jamilia off the ropes, but she continues to keep Daizee in that side head lock. Daizee delivers a jab to the midsection and tries to send her off the rope yet again, but is unsuccessful for the second time as Jamilia maintains the side headlock.

Jamilia decides she wants to ground Daizee Haze and executes a headlock hip toss. This does no good for the rookie as Daizee shows off some more of her technical skills by rolling her shoulders off of the match and securing Jamilia in another wristlock. Jamilia shows some technical skills of her own by rolling out of the wristlock and securing Daizee Haze in another side headlock.

Instead of trying to twist and turn her way out of the submission again, Daizee backs Jamilia up into the nearest turnbuckle and follows up three shoulder thrust into the midsection of Jamilia. Daizee then sends Jamilia into the opposite corner, bouncing her off the turnbuckle, and delivering a dropkick.

Jamilia quickly gets back up, but Daizee catches her by the wrist, throws her down, and goes back to work on Jamilia’s arm again with another armbar. Jamilia tries to scoot her way to the ropes, but is halted when Daizee starts to drive her knee into Jamilia’s repeatedly. Daizee begins to wrench Jamilia’s arm harder while Jamilia begins to inch her way to the ropes again and this time she’s got it!

Despite the break, Daizee Haze continues to secure the submission while up until the referee’s four count. Daizee gets up and has a few words for the crowd before going right back to the arm by grabbing Jamilia by the wrist and driving her own shoulder into her arm. Daizee drives Jamilia down to the ring face first puts her in a submission where she is able to put pressure on the back and arm of Jamilia. Jamilia rolls her way out of the roll causing both of the wrestlers to get to her feet where she is met with by forearms to the back from Daizee.

Daizee tries to pick her up for a body slam, but Jamilia jumps down and delivers a beautiful inverted DDT! A hazed Daizee (see what I did that there?) slowly gets back on her feet and tries to deliver a right hand, Jamilia blocks and comes back with a right hand of her own! Daizee tries to deliver another right hand, but again Jamilia blocks it and counters with her own.

At this point, Jamilia starts to catch fire, delivering several right hands to Daizee while backing her up towards the ropes. She attempts to Irish whips Daizee to the opposite side, but Daizee reverses hoping to catch her in a clothesline. Jamilia ducks, running to the ropes and comes back with a flying clothesline to Daizee Haze! Jamilia is completely fired up as Daizee tries to run at her but is picked up and hit by a spinning side slam from Jamilia.

Jamilia stays on top of her for the first pin of the match up, but Daizee is able to kick out before three. Jamilia looks at the referee a little bit shocked. Her loss focus costs her as Daizee, hits her with a chop, heart punch, and a double under hook belly to back suplex for the win.

At first, I wanted to say I was bit underwhelmed with this match, but then I quickly remembered that Jamilia has only been wrestling for about a year. With that said, this was a very basic match. They kept each other grounded for a majority of it with some technical wrestling, but towards the end is where I really thought the crowd was starting to get into it and both wrestlers were starting to catch fire.

I do advise you all to pick up SHIMMER Vol. 29 where Jamilia debuts against Mercedes Martinez in a good match. Mercedes brings the classic “taking the rookie to school” concept while Jamilia pulls some tricks out of the bag and is able to hold her own against the more experienced Mercedes Martinez.

Jamilia has impressed many after wrestling for just one year and we at Diva Dirt wish her the best!

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