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Rosa Mendes in Twitter Rant at ‘Rookie Divas’

And we thought Divas Twitter drama was done with last week.

SmackDown’s Rosa Mendes, who hasn’t been seen on screen in quite a few weeks, returned to Twitter after a brief hiatus with a whole new ‘tude!

Rosa has, for reasons she has not yet made public, taken issue with ‘rookie Divas’ on the WWE roster.

Yesterday, Rosa tweeted:

But what one thing I don’t miss is looking at rookies that call themselves divas when they can’t get a hold of some proactive to clear their awful skin up, and start dressing like actual Divas instead of shopping at consignment stores in the kid section. You want to be a Diva? Look like one AJ. You look like a cashier that works at my local grocery store. Why you are on the roster boggles my mind!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to get back in the ring and actually have a worthy opponent!

Then today, she added:

Awwwww u guys are mad @ me. You love AJ because she looks ordinary just like you. Divas are not suppose to look ordinary.

This is what you call a Diva! Rookieeees???? Pleeeeeeeease. Hahaha.

If i’m making people upset, I don’t really care. I’m sick of seeing the Divas division ruined by these rookies. Sexy, smart, powerful!

Stay in FCW and stop shopping at Target chicas!

One rookie looks 12 with a crater face, one looks like she is 40 and the other one looks like she needs to go on Jenny Craig. You know who you are! Lol

Responding to a tweet from Diva Dirt, Rosa then added:

something happened, if you knew you would understand. Don’t stop loving me:) Rosa Mendes doesn’t go on a rant for no reason.

Dun dun dun… BRB. Grabbing popcorn.

Is Rosa just shooting breeze hoping to get a new storyline on TV? Is she legit pissed? Tell us what you think…

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