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Rosa Mendes on her transition from WWE Superstar to motherhood

Earlier this year, Rosa Mendes announced her retirement from the WWE. Since then, the former Total Divas star has stayed busy through her health and fitness Totally Fit Mama App as well as being a mother to her daughter Jordan.

In an interview with Ya JagOff Pittsburgh podcast, Rosa opens up about her decade run with the WWE, early advice she  received from fellow WWE Superstar Beth Phoenix and reveals her favorite wrestling move. Highlights of the interview below.

On move from WWE Superstar to motherhood: “I was in WWE for ten years and when you’re a WWE Superstar, its all about you. You’re kind of selfish, how to get yourself over. how to get yourself more famous, more eyes on you. Then all of the sudden, you get pregnant and this perfect little human being is born and its all about this human. Its not about you anymore. I never thought I would feel that way for someone because I was very quite selfish to tell you the truth. I started Totally Fit Mama Lifestyle brand and I’m basically do it for her to be a role model for her and just to help other moms.”

On advice she received from Beth Phoenix: “Wrestling for three years into the business and I had separated my shoulder at WrestleMania. I tried to do a suicide dive like The Undertaker and that didn’t really work out. Instead of on my back, I landed directly on my shoulder, separating my shoulder. Beth is like ‘If you love this business so much, more than a lot of people I know, and if you want to have a really long career, why don’t you try being a manager too? You can slap guys in the face and choke them out and you don’t really have to take that many bumps.’ So I became a manager and I kind of was in that role for a very very long time but I also missed wrestling so much. I got to be in the business for ten years people and not a lot of people can say that.”

Her favorite wrestling move: “I’d have to say slapping girls in the face. You can pull a punch and kick and stuff like that. But when you slap someone, you don’t pull that. You slap as hard as you can and when you’re slapping someone you kind of don’t like, its kind of rad.”

Rosa also discusses starting her Totally Fit Mama app and initially wanting to get back in the ring after giving birth.

You can listen to the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? What are your favorite Rosa Mendes moments? Have you subscribed to the Toally Fit Mama app? Let us know in the comments below!

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