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Rosemary re-signs with IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling’s official Twitter account has confirmed that Rosemary has re-signed with the company. This was initially announced via the Press Pass podcast. She is a former Knockouts Champion with an impressive 266-day reign.

Rosemary has recently returned from an injury that sidelined her for eight months. Her injury was a tear to her ACL that she suffered during an independent show. Ending a storyline with Allie and Su Yung, she was “buried” as a way to write her off programming.

Her return last month during IMPACT’s Homecoming pay-per-view showcased her saving Kiera Hogan from Allie and Su Yung. She originally signed with the company in 2016. The length of her new contract has yet to be confirmed, but if it is for the same length of time we could see another three years of The Demon Assassin.

Rosemary shows she has plenty left to prove as she comments on Twitter, saying “We’ve too much unfinished business.” Could this potentially have Rosemary as a contender once again for the Knockouts Championship? She is certainly no stranger to holding gold, even beyond the Knockouts title. Her previous accomplishments include the Bellatrix World Championship and the GCW W.I.L.D. Championship, as well as the Shimmer Tag Team Championships, with Sara Del Rey.

Leave a comment below to discuss this news. Are you excited to see more of Rosemary on IMPACT?

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