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Rossy Ogawa Responds To STARDOM Exit

On Feb. 5, news broke that co-Founder of STARDOM, Rossy Ogawa, was terminated from his role in the company. The decision was from the Bushiroad who owns both STARDOM and NJPW. The reasoning given is Ogawa allegedly “poaching” talent.

Ogawa spoke out about the incident. He noted that the truth of the matter may be told someday, but he was worried about the wrestlers right now. He thanked everyone for supporting STARDOM for the past 13 years and said it would now be a company run by Bushiroad.

According to the Wrestling Observer, many STARDOM wrestlers are loyal to Ogawa. As a result, his exit could lead others to leave the company when several contracts are up on March.

Dave Meltzer states,

“They (Bushiroad) were of the impression that he (Rossy Ogawa) was gonna start his own company and that it may happen, and I would expect that it will happen.

Its not official or anything like that, but if you’re talking to talent, talking about them leaving, most of the (STARDOM) contracts are up in March and we’ll see who goes and we’ll see who stays.

The one we know is going is Giulia, the one we know is staying is Mayu Iwatani because she’s on a longer term contract. As for as everyone else, come march we’ll see who signs and who doesn’t sign.

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