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Roxanne Perez Picks Cora Jade’s Poison On SmackDown

As planned, NXT’s Roxanne Perez was on the Oct. 14 episode of SmackDown. She not only announced who would take on Cora Jade on Oct. 18 in the “Pick Your Poison” match, but she would wrestle in a SmackDown ring for the first time in her WWE career.

Prior to the six-woman tag team match, Perez was talking to Shotzi backstage before Raquel Rodriguez joined. Before Damage CTRL would interrupt their conversation, Perez chose Rodriguez to be Jade’s upcoming opponent. Damage CTRL would enter the conversation as Bayley says Perez is not on her level and in the six-woman tag match they will embarrass not only Perez but also Rodriguez and Shotzi.

The match would eventually break down to IYO SKY taking out Rodriguez with Dakota Kai on her shoulders on the outside from a springboard moonsault. Shotzi would add more injury with a crossbody from the top turnbuckle to those on the outside. This left just Perez and Bayley in the ring.

After sending Bayley flying from the corner, Perez would get a near fall. Not sure what to do in order to put Bayley away, Bayley dropped Perez into the ropes. Bayley went for the Rose Plant but was countered only for a brief moment before Perez found herself in a crucifix to take the pin.

Damage CTRL celebrates their win on the ramp.

Cora Jade will appear on the Oct. 17 episode of Raw to pick the poison of Perez. Both women will face the opponents selected on the Oct. 18 episode of NXT.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of SmackDown.

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