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Roxanne Perez Pins Toxic Attraction To Win Six-Woman Tag Team Bout

Roxanne Perez secured the victory for her team on the June 14 episode of NXT 2.0. She teamed with her best friend Cora Jade along with Indi Hartwell to take on all three members of Toxic Attraction.

Toxic Attraction continues to stay at the top of the women’s division as all members hold the NXT gold that Perez has in her sights. After winning the first-ever Women’s Breakout Tournament, Perez has yet to decide which title(s) she would like to cash her contract in on.

The six-woman tag team match took place in the main event. The ending moments of the match had Jade hit a cannonball senton onto Gigi Dolin. Jade tagged in Perez but before she could stay on Dolin, the official went to check on her. Perez immediately pinned her to achieve victory for her team.

This episode of NXT 2.0 was pretaped as was next week’s. At the conclusion of this match, Dolin appeared to have suffered an injury from the move made by Jade which is why the official checked on her. As you can hear from the official, an abrupt end to the match took place when he told Perez to cover Dolin.

Without giving much away from the next episode’s taping, Dolin was present for a segment where she did not have to get physical. The report did state that she was helped out of the ring and to the back. This was taped later in the day after the match took place. There has been no confirmation from WWE or Dolin that she will miss any time.

If you do want to read next week’s spoilers you can click here.

The other women’s match this week was Tiffany Stratton taking on Fallon Henley in a rematch from May. As Stratton made her way to the ring, Wendy Choo was on a bouncy ball behind her lurking in the shadows. Stratton was attempting to get back into the winning column after she lost to Perez in the Breakout Tournament finals. Henley pulled out all the intensity in their match however which actually had her falling into the ring apron at one point.

After hitting a Samoan Drop into a kip-up, Stratton was in firm control of the match until Choo came out to the ring and threw confetti into her face. Henley took advantage and pinned Stratton with an inside cradle.

Lash Legend had a vignette aired that focused on her accomplishments prior to signing with WWE. She will be facing Alba Fyre next week.

A vignette aired for Nikkita Lyons saying she will be returning shortly. She would suffer an injury which took her out of the Women’s Breakout Tournament as she was replaced by Tiffany Stratton.

Other women that appeared don this week’s episode included Ivy Nile, Tatum Paxley, Valentina Feroz, Yulisa Leon, and Sofia Cromwell.

Nile and Paxley had a backstage segment where Nile was giving credit to Paxley. Paxley has been trying to impress Nile for a while now as the two have tagged in the past.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of NXT 2.0.

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