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Roxanne Perez Wins NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament

Roxanne Perez has made history in NXT as she wins the first-ever NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament.

Weeks of matches resulted in the final two participants being Perez and Tiffany Stratton. Perez has won a contract for a championship opportunity for a title of her choosing. She has not made the decision of what championship she will be going for at the time of this writing.

The final moments of the match had Stratton pull Perez over to the corner to deliver a moonsault but she missed. Perez took advantage of the miss to hit Pop Rox and get the pin securing her victory.

The celebration started immediately as Cora Jade joined Perez in the ring. The two would celebrate with the contract in hand before Toxic Attraction’s music hit and the champions made their way down to the ring. Mandy Rose would start getting into the head of Perez and let her know she has no chance of defeating her for the NXT Women’s Title. She tells Perez to enjoy this moment because it is all down hill from here.

A brawl breaks out with the five women in the ring as Indi Hartwell rushes in to even the odds for the side of Perez & Jade. A six-woman tag team match has now been booked for next week between them.

Wendy Choo had a backstage segment with Stratton. Choo was originally being interviewed when Stratton interrupted because of her loss to Perez. Eventually Choo would throw her orange soda in the face of Stratton.

Also on this week’s NXT 2.0, Alba Fyre continues her dominance as she defeated Tatum Paxley. The battle went back and forth until Fyre was able to execute a Glory Bomb prior to a Senton Bomb to pick up the pin and victory. Paxley stepped up to Fyre this week because Lash Legend originally showed no interest.

After the match, Legend attacked Fyre heading up the ramp with a big boot.

Thea Hail signs a scholarship for Chase U and later in the night she tries to fill in as the tag team partner of Andre Chase. Chase had to take on Pretty Deadly in a handicap match after he tag team partner Bodhi Hayward was attacked backstage pre-match. Hail hopped up on the apron and insisted that Chase tag her in but he never did and Pretty Deadly picked up the win.

The Great American Bash returns on July 5.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news and results from the women of NXT 2.0.

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