Friday, September 22, 2023

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Jayla Dark & Charlie Morgan accuse Saraya Knight and family of physical and psychological abuse

The wrestling business has been shaken to its core this past week when the #speakingout movement gave countless wrestlers the courage to speak out against the mental, physical and sexual abuse they have suffered as the hands of trainers, promoters, and fellow wrestlers.

Today former wrestlers Jayla Dark and Charlie Morgan accused Saraya Knight and her family, of emotional, physical, and homophobic abuse.

This alleged abuse ranges from mid-match shoot beatings without warning, to constant humiliation, ranging from regular hair and gear rippings to grabbing the genital areas of the young male talent-sometimes to make an example of that person, other times as a threat.

Jayla alleges that an unspecified Knight family member tried to coerce three of their trainees to perform sexual favors on a group of friends; all of whom had WWE tryouts coming up. When said trainees refused, one of them found their WWE tryout revoked because of some false allegations of a “Prono video [sic]” of them making the rounds; after which another Knight family member coerced them to keep quiet about said allegations.

The allegations of homophobia made by Jayla Dark were confirmed by recently-retired wrestler Charlie Morgan who stated that one of the stories was hers.

Morgan began her wrestling career with the Knight’s and their WAW promotion in 2011. Morgan retired in 2019 after a foot injury and is a major spokesperson for the LGBTQ community in the world of professional wrestling.

Saraya and her family have yet to comment on any of these allegations.

All at Diva Dirt are shocked and appalled by these accounts and would like to commend everyone who has spoken out. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and we firmly stand with the victims.

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