Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Sarray (Sareee) is officially coming to NXT

Sarray, formerly known as Sareee, will be making her way to our screens on the NXT brand soon.

Sarray signed with WWE in 2019 and was planned to come over to the United States from Japan in early 2020. Unfortunately due to the pandemic she was kept in Japan and was unable to make her debut. She confirmed in January of this year that she was finally heading to the U.S. and now she is ready to make her debut.

She has held many titles in Japan including being a two-time World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana World Champion, Seadlinnng’s Beyond the Sea Tag Team Champion, and Sendai Girls World Champion.

Are you excited to see Sarray in an NXT ring? Who do you think she should feud with first? Leave your thoughts below.

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