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Sasha Banks Pays Tribute to Jacqueline and Jazz

February is Black History Month, and WWE’s annual celebrations are in full swing. has spoken to various NXT talents to find out who has inspired them, and the Divas are represented by Sasha Banks.

One third of the BFFs paid tribute to two female hard-hitters of the past: Jacqueline and Jazz.

Remembering the former WWE Women’s Champions, Sasha said, “I looked up to Jazz and Jacqueline a lot. Both were such powerhouses and you could just tell when you watched them wrestle that they were the kind of women who never took ‘no’ for an answer.”

Sasha hopes that she can one day inspire women watching WWE just like they inspired her. She stated, “It’s kind of humbling to think that I could potentially have a similar impact on young girls today, but if one person can find the strength to go big because of something I’ve done, then honestly, that knowledge is greater than any championship could ever be.”

You can read the other tributes from NXT Superstars on

Who do you believe is the most influential African American Diva?

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