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Savannah Evans Officially Signs Deal With IMPACT

Savannah Evans confirms that she has officially signed with IMPACT Wrestling as part of its Knockouts division.

Evans has been working with IMPACT since August of last year when she attacked Kiera Hogan and aligned herself with Tasha Steelz. This marked the exit of Hogan and the break up of the Fire ‘N Flava team. Since then, Evans has been working as an enforcer and tag team partner for Steelz. Steelz recently won the Knockouts World Title from Mickie James in March and received help from Evans to do so.

While speaking with Women’s Wrestling Talk, Evans explained how she was brought into IMPACT and that as of a few weeks ago she officially signed.

“So I originally got a call from Tommy Dreamer back, I would say it was June or July of last year. He had been speaking with my trainer, one of my trainers, Kaleb Konley. Who is with Impact also about bringing me in and you know, send me videos of her, you know, some recent stuff. So we got all the information he needed. He had an idea for you know, what he wanted to do with me on the… on the show. And that was the start of me, you know, coming in and doing some stuff with Impact. But, about the signing itself, I got that call, maybe three weeks ago. Worked out all the you know, fine details on the contract and then sent it back last week.”

Evans goes on to talk about her favorite moments thus far as part of the Knockouts locker room and how she feels about the environment.

“So, I…one thing I love about Impact is the locker room. You know what I mean? Like everyone’s there. They all have their…each own role. You know what I mean? No one’s stepping on anyone’s toes or anything like that. It’s just, we’re all working to put out this product, you know. We all have the…that one goal in mind. So, I do..I love the locker room that they have there. And you know, just like their goal, like their plan for the company is really big for me, like, just, for example, like the diversity of women they have on the roster big for me. You know, none of us look the same. We’ll never be confused for the other one. We all bring something unique to the table. Something different. And, so that’s something I value and obviously they value as well.”

She continues, “And I think I talked a little bit about this on the last podcast I did. For me, the moments are always building. You know what I mean? Because it’s like, each time I’m there. It’s like, here’s another moment. Here’s another moment here. Here’s another moment. One of my favorite personal moments was winning the Monsters Ball match. You know, and the fact that that particular match was dedicated to Daffney makes it even huger. Just, you know, you know what I mean? Like, we went in there, and it was weapons and it was chaos. But for me, that was a big moment. Of course, we mentioned Mickie James wrestling, Mickie James was big too. “

Evans recently teamed up with Steelz at Multiverse of Matches in a Fatal 4-way for the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles. She also participated in the Battle Royal on a recent episode of IMPACT! where she wasn’t able to outlast nine other women for a shot at Steelz’s championship. The match was won by Rosemary.

Even though specifics of the contract were not discussed, Evans did comment that it was long-term.

The full interview can be watched here –

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