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Scarlett Bordeaux comments on recent fan incident

Professional wrestling is an environment that invokes participation from its fans. Whether it is WWE or on a smaller scale such as the indies fans are encouraged to cheer, boo, or chant throughout the event.

There comes a time when a line is crossed and it becomes inappropriate. Whether it is invoked by the wrestler or by the fan these situations unfortunately happen. Lately, it has been happening more frequently with women wrestlers and male fans. The most recent occurrence became the most physical.

This time it involved Scarlett Bordeaux and a fan at an AAA event. As Bordeaux was getting up from a dive to the outside of the ring, a fan groped her. He pulled back her arms and wrapped his arms around her. Her tag partner, Lady Shani quickly pulled her away from the fan to avoid any further physical altercation.

Bordeaux had the following to say about the incident after watching it back:

This is the third incident within the past few weeks between fans and wrestlers. First, there was an incident at a Ring of Honor event that was between a fan and Velvet Sky/Mandy Leon.

From the women’s side of the story, the fan was consistently making verbal and sexual remarks to the female talent. This occurred two nights in a row at both shows according to the talent from their exchange on Twitter. The fan stated Leon spit on him during the altercation and that Bully Ray took him to the back to confront him about the occurrence.

The next situation occurred between another male fan and Taya Valkyrie. This exchange also involved verbal attacks from the fan which prompted Valkyrie to knock his beverage out of his hand. The fan, in turn, spits at her as she walked away.

What are your thoughts on these incidents? Where was security during these situations to control them? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!!

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