Saturday, September 30, 2023

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Shanna shines in return as KiLynn King and Red Velvet pick up wins on AEW Dark

This week’s AEW Dark offered up another stacked card with five women’s matches taking place. On the show, we saw the return of Shanna after a lengthy hiatus plus Lady Frost, Alex Gracia and Lindsay Snow all made their returns to AEW.

Let’s get to the action;

Shanna defeats Tesha Price in her first match in eight months.

Shanna returned with a bang in a hard-hitting and well-fought match against Tesha Price. Ring rust was definitely a factor for Shanna who was on the wrong side of some aggressive offence. Price, who has been impressive since her debut, gave as good as she got but Shanna would fight back with a stunner. Shanna remained on top with a big running dropkick and a beautiful bridging tiger suplex for the win.

KiLynn King picks up another win on AEW Dark.

KiLynn King has been on a great roll as of late getting two wins under her belt in recent weeks. This week was no different as she picked up another victory against Katalina Perez when she hit Kingdom Falls in a short but strong outing.

Leva Bates gets her second win on AEW Dark.

Ever since the Librarians spilt up, Bates has been on a winning streak. Bates continued her momentum with a victory over Alex Gracia, who has bags of potential. The match was another short outing but both Bates and Gracia made the most of their time with an entertaining bout.

Ivelisse beats Lindsay Snow in a hard-hitting match.

Ivelisse and Lindsay Snow are both known for the hard-hitting style and they did not disappoint. Neither fighter held anything back in this match. There heavy strikes and stiff kicks galore but Ivelisse would best Snow with the Recoil for the hard-fought victory.

Red Velvet is victorious once again on AEW Dark.

Red Velvet continued her run of victories with a win over the returning Lady Frost. The in-ring was action was fast-paced with both competitors showing flashes of strong offence. There were some nice sequences involving a flurry of strikes, submission and counters. Velvet would pick up the win with a running kick to Frost’s head.

What did you think of this week’s AEW Dark? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Diva Dirt for all of your women’s wrestling news, reviews and updates.

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