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Shelly Martinez Calls a Truce with Batista

It’s no secret that Shelly Martinez has had her issues with former WWE star, Batista, stemming back to her time in WWE as Ariel.

The subject of the former WWE Champion was a hot topic in our interview with Shelly back in 2009 (LISTEN: Part 1 / Part 2), as well as her recent ‘Girl Talk‘ DVD for Highspots.

It was her clashes with Batista that ultimately led to her release from the WWE, but now both stars seem to be in a better place and have called a truce via Twitter.

Shelly wrote to ‘Big Dave’: “Truce?’

He responded: “That business brings out the worst in people…..truce.”

After calling their truce, Shelly wrote: “Thank u I feel soooo @ peace now I had a dream u & I were talking & the peace I felt in the dream is now my reality.”

Thoughts: If you’ve listened to our interview with Shelly, you’d know that these two had some pretty big bust-ups so it’s good to see them let bygones be bygones. I definitely think being out of the WWE has helped them grow and get to this point. Good for them!

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